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At Junction City Siding Company, our pride is in the quality of service and expertise we offer our customers. We are a full spectrum siding company and can help you with all of your needs. We take great pride in our work and will be honored to help you with your project.

We recognize your needs and we have been delivering professional siding services that are unmatched by our competition in the area. Big time service in a small town like Junction City is something we are very proud of.

About Us

Junction City Siding Company is a renowned company located in Junction City KS that offers pocket-friendly services for siding installation and repair. Look no further because our company has been responsible for making several homeowners in the city and surrounding area happy with our siding installation and repair. The zeal to be the best in the siding industry has been our aim. All of our employees are incredibly knowledgeable and above all are willing to work hard until we achieve perfect siding installation and repair.

Our Services

At Junction City Siding Company, we are committed to solving your siding installation and repair challenges. We have offered our services to numerous clients in Junction City and have received positive reviews from many customers. Some of our services include damaged siding replacement, siding installation, siding repair, energy-efficient siding, to mention but a few. We hope to make you the next client we will put a smile on.

You have a selection of options to choose from, and we will brief you on the pros and cons of each of them. We are proud to say that servicing your home or building would be a walk in the park for us because we are obsessed with excellence.

Siding Installation

Siding installation hinges on many factors, so we encourage you to consult an experienced contractor before making your choice. Our years of experience in siding installations and repairs have exposed us to all types of siding materials that can be used on your property. The great thing with Junction City Siding is our quality of materials and experience. We are also very efficient, so we can be at the property, give an assessment and be out within hours. We understand that you have a lot of other things to do every day besides tending to the maintenance of your buildings which is why we should be on speed dial when you need the best siding installed at the best prices.

Siding Replacement

Old siding has to make way for new, and there is no other siding company within Junction City that can boast of the high level of expertise and dedication to work that we offer. Tearing down an old siding can make your property look worse than it should be. So instead of defacing your wall, give us a call today, and we will replace your siding in no time. We will also save the time and money spent on the project because we can do it faster and more effectively. We also have in-depth knowledge of the dos and don’ts. Siding must be replaced by a licensed contractor or it can void the homeowners insurance policy you hold on your building. Even though some of it may be simple enough, it’s not worth the risk of further damage by doing it yourself.

Our team can be there in no time to assess what needs to be done, and a comprehensive report will be generated. Of course, everyone has a particular preference for the siding they would like for their home or structure, and each comes with its set of problems. Some siding types are prone to decomposition, like wood, while others are prone to heat damage. With continual maintenance, though, it becomes possible to save on the additional revenue needed within the long run.

We understand that alteration works to sidings can be quite tricky for someone who does not know much about structures and, in this case, siding. Instead of guessing and doing what you learned through a DIY YouTube tutorial, contact us today for the necessary siding repair on your wall. We will also give you free professional advice on what led to your building’s quick deterioration and show you how to avoid a repeat.

Siding Repair

Siding is not something that people usually think about, but it does go through constant wear and tear. If it is not maintained the right way, then it can start to break down. There are a few things you can look out for when checking to see if the exterior siding has to be replaced. If the interior’s paint is starting to peel, that is a sign that you may have serious problems. If more peeling occurs around the windows and the doors, there might be a problem with the caulking. Mold and mildew are also a trigger. You may clean the siding with a pressure washer, of course, to remove the mildew, but it could be a sign of significant water damage. Mildew can form on the siding or the interior, but it means the wall is letting in moisture. Damaged seams are heralds of siding problems. Caulk is used for sealing the seams of the siding. When the temperatures fluctuate, it shifts the siding material and causes problems with the caulk. 

Bubbling in the siding is also a sign that the siding has to be repaired. It shows that there is water trapped in the siding. A buildup of water will then lead to concern because repelling water is one of the main jobs of siding. If more water collects within the siding, then it will lead to severe damage where the siding has to be replaced, or the whole wall could be torn down. These solutions are far more expensive than the initial options we would be. Rusted nails, damage from wildlife, and fading paint are also indicators you need to perform some urgent repairs on the siding. There are some which do not show how much damage has been done, and we advise that a more hands-on approach is taken with these.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding comes in different colors and can be found in a lot of homes. Most people encounter the problem that moisture and consistent exposure to harsh sunlight can make some parts wear out quicker than others. This leaves the affected portion faded and less attractive. That being said, you might encounter that there are only some types of siding that can be used in some neighborhoods. Vinyl is pretty functional and cost-effective as a siding solution though there are several other advantages that would make you consider its use. For one, it is durable. Vinyl siding is one of the strongest dent-resistant materials you can use for siding. It will wrap the residence in a reliable outer layer for several years. It is also not vulnerable to rot or corrosion and would be resistant to moisture, meaning you also do not have to worry about pests and mold. Due to the nature of the durable material, vinyl seems to be very low maintenance in nature. You do not have to keep checking on maintenance to see how it is doing. All it would take would just be washing off the siding each year or regularly to avoid the build – of debris and dust.

Vinyl siding will also improve the levels of energy efficiency within your home. Old siding makes the house susceptible to leaks and reduces your home’s efficiency because more heat energy is spent by the HVAC systems to make the room more ambient. So it is no surprise that you get a heating bill that does not seem right. When performing new installations, we add house wrap and insulation while also sealing the leakage problem areas. You would be surprised what that is going to do in terms of your heating bills. Some of our customers have called us back later to tell us how much warmer their inside walls felt after replacing their siding with new vinyl.

You might have also noticed that vinyl can imitate the look of either wood or plastic. The good thing is the annual maintenance needs some soap and a garden hose or washer for it to seem fresh. Vinyl will also improve the curb appeal of the home following the advancement of structural integrity. Previously, vinyl options were disliked because of the generic plastic appearance. The current vinyl options have evolved, so that is no longer the case. At present, the siding alternatives come in a variety of colors and textures, so they would be versatile enough for your preferred desires. You can get the traditional wood which is popular with customers looking for colonial options without necessarily having wood. You can make the siding look like steel or fiber cement with this option. It is entirely up to you. It is also possible to cut the siding so it can fit in tight spaces that other siding options will not be able to deliver. That provides the right amount of control over the style and design required for the residence. Vinyl is the correct answer if you are looking for cost-effective siding with incredible ability to be shaped. There won’t be a problem helping you pick the best vinyl siding option whenever you decide to contact us.

Safety should also be a key consideration when you search for siding installation. James Hardie fiber cement is fire resistant which gives an edge over others like wood that practically add fuel to the flames. Even vinyl ignites at the level of 700 degrees. Fiber cement trumps that by being generally unaffected by heat. It has one of the highest ratings for flame spread by regulatory agencies. Not surprisingly, fiber cement has one of the longest lifespans of any siding material at an estimated 50 years for non-back-coated types. It goes up to 75 years for the back-coated ones. The coverage for this is probably between 30 to 50 years on warranty. Installation is the hardest part of the James Hardier siding which is why you need to give us a chance to do what we do best. Give us a call today!

James Hardie Fiber
​Cement Board Siding

The James Hardie Fiber Cement Board Siding is one of America’s most popular sidings because of its durability and beauty. Often termed as America’s favorite siding product, you cannot go wrong with this one. It has one of the best track records in the market due to its numerous advantages. If you decide to go with this, note the outstanding level of durability the material arrives with. It keeps looking the same, protecting your residence or business with ease from the elements daily regardless of ice, hail, and harsh rain. It is also resistant to moisture which means not worrying about moss, like water damage, unless it is an aging issue. That will save you the worry of having to look for rot or warping when doing your maintenance checks.

James Hardie Siding also has significant curb appeal. It will give your home the right aesthetics considering the different styles and coloring. That is so there is no burden of high maintenance, which may be entailed with lower-quality materials. For these qualities, the customer would also get top-notch warranty options. Other siding companies may reduce their coverage as the years following installation increase, but that will not be the case if you go for James Hardie. The different Hardie board siding options will allow us to customize the siding according to what you like. There are a multitude of styles from which you can choose. It is possible to match the architectural style of the home, not to mention your preference. For the first time, you will have creative control over the siding installation with the wide selection of colors.

Wood & Steel
Siding Services

The wool and steel siding could be installed independently, but the combination of the two siding materials is always great. A lot has been said about wood siding, but it is a great option, especially if you prefer the traditional ornate design types that come with it. It is also eco-friendly, considering it is a renewable material and is biodegradable. This is for the homeowners focused on reducing their overall footprint, so choosing wood siding types is more of a proactive approach. The siding option is also relatively easier to repair as compared to other options. When the siding is warped or has small holes, quick fixes are available, such as wood putty or screwing it on tightly.

Steel siding is fire resistant and low maintenance as an option. Steel siding entails rigid panels that only require a bit of water and detergent to rinse debris that may have stuck to it over time. It is also incombustible, which is quite an advantage should you reside in an area prone to fires or lightning strikes. Steel also stands firm against the elements, so there are no worries about fire or extreme levels of heat. It will not decompose, and it takes an exceptionally long time to break down, so regular checks will not require significant energy.
There are certain things you might want to think about when it comes to wood and steel siding, though. When doing the wood installation, there is extra care taken to do things right. Wood can expand and contract with the temperature changes. If it is not adequately protected, the paint is going to chip and eventually crack. Even those wood species with natural resistance to rot like cypress and cedar can decompose if they are not protected from the elements the right way. If a panel suffers damage, replace it quickly before the problem becomes worse. You should also contact us to do this for you. Significant damage can happen to this type of siding, especially after big storms where broken tree branches cause chipping or breaking the boards. Hailstorms may also cause considerable damage to the siding. If a storm or an accident happened, do not postpone repairing the siding. It would be better to hire us to take care of it now rather than later when a lot of the siding needs replacement.

It is also advisable to clean the stains and dirt off regularly. Wood siding is definitely going to stain. If left for a long time, the stains will become much harder to remove. Instead, you should clean the siding at least once every year or several months. The home areas starting to get water damage will be depicted as colored streaks or black dots, which is mildew. These are spots that need to be cleaned as soon as possible before the real damage occurs. Thankfully, the only thing needed to clean wood siding is soap, water, and a soft-bristle brush. Wood siding cleaners are also available in most stores. The maintenance is relatively easy for steel siding, considering it only requires an annual power wash to keep it clean. The key to longevity with this siding option is if there are scratches, then one can just prime and paint over them before the rust becomes a problem. If it is maintained the right way, steel siding can last well over 40 years.

It is another way to diversify instead of using only one siding material. For the design to be a quality one, a professional’s services are required to do the job and map out how to distribute the steel and wooden components to make perfect sense.

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